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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sweet baby boy! 2 weeks

Reid getting his first bottle from daddy! It was a little messy, but he got the hang of it eventually.

Two weeks also marked his first try with the paci. I forgot how big the soothies look against their tiny little face! He does "ok" with the paci, but he doesnt seem to love it. We will see if he grows to like it more or not.

Starting to be more alert and practicing his tummy time

Big sister loves to try to give him toys and talk to him while he is on his tummy!

Our little man is definitely growing! At his 2 week checkup, he weighed 9.5 lbs. already and was 21 inches long. I was happy to see the two week mark pass. I dont want either of my kids to grow up fast, but most of you moms (and dads) know how exhausting those first two weeks can be. Once we were able to let him sleep longer than three hours at night, he still woke up about that time still to eat. Ryan was able to start giving him a bottle for one of those night feeds though on the weekends which helped me play catch up on sleep and I was able to try to atleast rest for an hour or so when both kiddos were napping. The adjustment from 1 to 2 has been much better for me than from 0 to 1. Not that I am any more rested, actually probably the opposite, and not that things are any easier, probably the opposite on that end as well, but my expectations were just completely different this time around. I knew my days of consistemt sleep were over for a while. I knew I was still going to have to get up in the morning and entertain a toddler. I knew it wasn't going to be easy adjusting to feedings and outings. I think knowing these things has made a world of difference in my attitude, emotions and behaviors. I have been blessed with two amazing children! Pierson has adjusted better than we could have hoped for and absolutely adores her little brother. Reid is laid back, loves to be held and snuggled with, and only really cries when he is hungry. I know there will be many more obstacles that will arise with juggling two, but I hope I am able to keep the same positive mentality I've had this far. We will see :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Easter 2011

Our Easter festivities started off with a little playgroup egg hunt! This was also the first time that I took Reid to Pierson's playgroup. Sweet baby just slept in his carrier until he was ready to eat. It was my first expereince though with nursing while trying to watch Pierson play. Not too easy. Thankfully my dear friends helped me out with Pierson while I was confined to my chair :)

Pierson going after some eggs!

The mommies had to try to usual photo shoot with all kiddos and their baskets

This was the best I got with my camera. Top L-R Addyson, Pierson, Brooks, Mase. Bottom L-R Jack and Jake. Sawyer was there too, but I couldn't get him in the picture.

Saturday morning we woke up an headed out to RCC for the Easter fun and egg hunt! At just a few weeks old, Reid was already being a little tropper and going along for the ride :) Side note: I am officially obsessed with the Moby wrap. I wish I would have had this with Pierson!
Happy to see the Easter bunny!

My beautiful baby girl!

Hunting again!

Getting her pink flower balloon that she picked out herself

Holding a baby chick!

We tried really hard for a good picture of both of them and this was the best I could get. I must admit, it was a bit surreal to be taking Easter pictures of BOTH my kids. I love it!!!

Easter morning started with checking out what the Easter bunny left for us before we got dressed and ready for church. Little Reid did great in the service and I was even able to listen to the sermon from the nursing room once I had to leave. We had a wonderful day as a family of four and a great weekend celebrating that He has Risen! 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Reid!

Obviously I am WAAAAAAAY behind on the blog and I honestly havent had the motivation to play catch up until now. With that said, here is where I needed to start back up and document the birth of our sweet baby boy, Reid Alexander. I will spare some of the actual birth details, but as far as his birth story, here it is....
On Tuesday morning (4/12/11), I went for me weekly checkup and my doc told me I was dialated to a 4 and she was surprised that I had not gone into labor yet. Especially since I was early with Pierson. I had started having some consistent contractions that weekend before but they were only 8 minutes apart and then they eventually went away. Not to worry though because I was still only 38.5 weeks. Needless to say, she told me a few things to expect following the checkup and since I was dialated to a 4. I left and went about my errands before picking up little miss from MDO. That afternoon once Ryan got home, I went for a walk, no children, no dog, no stroller. It was wonderful! I was able to listen to music and just pray about all this things that were unknown waiting ahead of me. I was also praying for patience as I was really wanting to naturally go into labor and was ready for him to come! I must admit, I took quite a power walk :) Hoping to maybe help things along. I had been having minor contractions for about a month whenever I would exercise, but I was having some more intense ones on this walk and there were a few other things that I will leave out that were going on, but I just thought that was the aftermath of the doc appointment and being dialated. So...came home, showered, had dinner and went to bed. Woke up at 4:00 for a usual bathroom trip and what I thought was just part of that stage in pregnancy was obvisouly not anymore and seemed that my water had broken once again. I wanted to start timing my contractions because I remembered that they came on pretty strong once my water broke with Pierson so I laid back in bed with the stopwatch. Waiting and waiting and nothing. A few contractions here and there but nothing at all past uncomfortable and far apart. So, I went back to sleep for a bit and then got back up and showered, just in case :) I told Ryan what was going on and he strongly encouraged me to call the doctor. I was still waiting for contractions to get stronger, but I called and they told me to go ahead and go in and get checked. I did NOT want to do this yet. I did not want to go and have to sit for hours at the hospital waiting, I would rather wait at home. I called Ryan and let him know and he started his way home. I started getting stuff together, getting Pierson taking care of, picking up the house, etc. When Ryan got home, I was moping the floor :) and he was trying to light a fire under me to get me in the car. I finally left around 10:00 and we dropped Pierson off at our dear friends, the McKenzies, house to play. Once we checked in, they confirmed that my water had broken but we werent sure when it had actually broken, while I was walking or during the night. I got checked in and the doctor broke the rest of my water and that is when my contractions really started to kick in finally! Our sweet nurse respected our birth plan to have the baby naturally and let me labor on my own with Ryan. Thankfully, I moved quickly on my own and did not need pitocin either. The contractions were rough to say the least, but my amazing husband and baby daddy :) was right there by my side the entire time. He was so calm and encouraging, I couldn't imagine going through it without him. I got to the point where there was really no break in between and I felt the strong urge to push. Ryan reminded me that when I had reached that point with Pierson, it meant the she was ready and so the nurse checked me and sure enough, Reid was ready for his arrival. My doctor quickly arrived and they prepared everything for delivery and two pushes later, there he was! He arrived at 1:59pm weighing in at 7lbs. 15 oz. and 20.5 inches long! He came out and immediately peed on the doctor!!! They placed him on my chest while they cleaned him up and it was love at first sight. I had wondered how I would instantly love another child the way I loved Pierson and every other mom with multiple children told me that you just do and now I know that is so true. There are a  ton of pics to follow so just beware,,,,,

Big sister Pierson meeting her new little bro! She was so sweet to him!

Our happy little family of FOUR

Pierson opening her gift from baby Reid :)

Our precious little boy

Back at home, Pierson getting spoiled by her grandparents!

Reid getting welcomed to his new home with Pop

Nana and Pawpaw

Checking everything out

Big sister wanting to be a part of all the action with her baby brother

The first expereince of getting peed on in the bath :)

I've been trying my best to get a little special Pierson time when Reid is sleeping during the day and one of the first things she wanted to do was have "pink toes" like mommy. She got her very first pedicure :) I was shocked at how still she as while I painted them!

Cute little pink toes :)

Pierson has been such a wonderful big sister to Reid. She loves on him all the time and has been such a big helper.

My two precious blessings!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

P is for PARTY!

For Pierson's birthday party this year, we decided to go with none other than a "P" theme since that is what she is called quite often and not to mention that she loves the letter P! So...P is for Party was the official theme! We took a chance with the weather and had it at Poage Park (thought it went well with the P theme!). No rain, but it was SOOOOO windy that morning, so many of the decorations I had prepared to put up just didn't quite make it. Oh well, don't think the kids cared too much :) The invites instructed all her guests to wear something that started with the letter P (pink, purple, polka dot, plaid, etc.) Pierson's Aunt Kelly made her a special "P" pink polka dot dress just for the party!!!

Playing with her daddy :)

Sweet Brodie giving P a snack

Merry-go-round with cousin Maddie and Addyson

Taking a break to eat some snacks!

Trying to keep the wind from blowing everything away!!

All the snacks started with the letter P. Pineapple cupcakes and a special one for birthday girl.

Peach Parfait cups

Pretzel mix

PB&J sandwiches

Maddie, Pierson and Lita enjoying some of the food

The birthday girl blowing out her number 2 candle!

Who needs a fork?

P is for Pinata so we attempted to have a pull string one for the littles to try

The candy didn't quite come out when the strings were pulled daddy had to help a little :) Still ended with all the candy on the ground!!

Mommy, Pierson and Daddy

P is for Painting!

Having fun with her friends at the paint table

Daddy's little girl :)

Pierson with her Lita

All the family that made the trip in. (Nana, Aunt Andee, Lita, Daddy, Pierson, Mommy, Aunt Kelly and Cousin Maddie)

Back at the house, playing with Cousin Maddie. Pierson LOVED having her cousin there to play with!

Checkin out the goods :)

It was a great party and she had so much fun with her friends and family! I adore all of her little friends (and their mommies!) and hope that they continue to stay friends as they grow up :)